In 1973 Dr.Charles Musés published a tabulation of hyperspheres that can touch in higher dimensions (4th, 8th,…24th.) He named them T-numbers (“T” for touching.) His tabulations include many STU measures that had been recognized in the 1970’s.

The October 2* Science News gives a report entitled “Oddballs.” It cites recent sources at the University of Minnesota, the AT&T Laboratory (Florham Park, N.J.) and Moscow’s Keldysh Institute. It was declared that researchers had “figured out” what they renamed as “kissing numbers” in dimensions 8 and 24. They stated that it is possible to fit 240 spheres at the 8th dimension, and a “mind-boggling” 196,560 can be crowded around one identical sphere at the 24th.

The tabulation published by Dr. Musés is a document that was sent in 1975 to this author’s research files. Musés also prepared a special paper in 1974 for presentation at the International Conference for Psychotronic Research, held in Monte Carlo in June, 1975 (Bibliography below.) Is it possible that 30 years later these researchers may not have known Musés’ work?

An analysis of the whole number factors of 196,560 shows 151 divisors, of which 55 (more than one-third) appear as dimensions in STU at Teotihuacán. A selection (see p.3) is formed by thirteen of the largest factors (144 to 2,160) and thirteen smaller numbers (3 to 117.) This confirms that at least 26 significant hypersphere factors are included in the design of a Mayan Ceremonial Zone.

The factors also appear elsewhere, not only in dimensions but also in Mayan Long Counts (Palenque, Copan, Edzná, Chichen-Itzá, and others.)

These data support the conjecture that Mayans did not stumble haphazardly on specialized mathematics. Following are references, tabulation of T-numbers, factors that appear at Teotihuacan and selected planetary alignment count numbers.

*Klarreich, Erica, “Oddballs,” Sc.News, Vol.166, No.14, pp.219-221, Oct.2, 2004.

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Hugh Harleston, Jr. 21-March-2003

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