(a)  1.  Teotihuacan’s  “Moon”  Pyramid,  or  K’u-Uuc-Ek  (Observatory  for Circumpolar stars)?                     
(Photo:  Cheryl Harleston)

2.“Citadel,” or Great Quadrangle of Saturn?   (Dwg.:  H.Harleston, Jr.)

b) “Plumed Shells,” or  Mayan  bars-and-dots  for  the  planet  Venus? 
        Carved on the wall of the room underneath the Falcon Patio (photo 
        7-c, below) Mayan bars and dots mark Venus’ orbits  over a period 
        of   77,760  vague years  (of 365 days.)  The Teotihuacan cross over-  
        head measures 53 centimeters across.    The duplicate cross (off the   
        photo  to right) adds another  53 cms.    Total is 106 cms., one Stan-
        dard Teotihuacan Unit (STU.)              (Foto:  Armando Salas Portugal)

(c)   Falcon Patio, or “Quetzal Butterflies”?               (Foto:  Carlos Blanco)

d)        Circle and Cross “Markers”
       1. Precalculated by Harleston, and confirmed by Uac-Kan Research
           Group at Tepeapulco, 35.3 kilometerss  from Teotihuacan,  using  
            IBM computer progam.
      (Foto:  Manuel Gaitan M.)

2. Floor excavated  at  Teotihuacan  in  1997  by  Linda Manzanilla.
                                                                  (Foto:  H.Harleston, Jr.)


(e)        Dresden Codex ( pp.71-73) show Teotihuacan’s principal design di- 
---------mensions that give corrections for series of Jupiter/Saturn
---------conjunctions.                (Notes by H.Harleston, Jr., 1989.)  


(f)          Theoretical Telescope Room under Falcon Patio, used two concave
--------mirrors to focus the Andromeda M-31 galaxy.  Mirrors were repor- 
--------ted in 1976 at Congress in Paris by J.Carlson.  (Dwg: H.Harleston Jr)   



(g)   Mayan Halach.          (a)  Numerical codes for four Saturns = 1,512.

(Dwg:  H.Harleston, Jr.)

(b)     Multiplied by one hundred gives the day-count for 400 Saturns.
                                                                        (Dwg:  H.Harleston, Jr.)

(h)   A Mayan Time-Map of the Solar System.         (Dwg: H.Harleston, Jr.)