This Summary  analyzes architecture  of  “Teotihuacan,”  whose builders  have not been of- ficially recognized. Analyses support my conclusion that the design is Mayan.    Factors of  9! (362,880)  are elevations  in Standard Teotihuacan Units  (STU) of  1.0594 meters over a levelled 2,160 STU above mean sea level that is marked under the Great Pyramid. 

Values given by carved bars and dots  form a Multidimensional Matrix to establish relation-  ships in whole numbers  between planetary orbital counts, linear dimensions, and areas and volumes  of  three geometrical solids:   the sphere, cube and tetrahedron.  Teotihuacan’s ar-chitecture also defines a scale model of the earth sphere.

An inexact value of  Pi (3.15)  links these concepts.   The STU appears in Egypt  (two Royal Cubits); in the Great Pyramid of  Urumchi, China; in Bolivia’s  “Tihuanaku”;  and at Stone-henge, England  as an  architectural  stone circle whose width is 3.476 feet = 1.0594 meters.   Modern meters, angular degrees and seconds of time are incompatible and do not make the  relationships visible in whole numbers.

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