HUGH HARLESTON, JR. - Curriculum Vita

Electronics Technician, U.S.Navy 1944 to 1946. Operation and repair of radar, sonar, transmitters, receivers, teletype, telephoto.
Chemical Engineer: Rice University, Houston, with postgraduate research studies of cooling tower efficiency, 1947-'48. Master of Arts in Spanish, with honors, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, National University of Mexico, 1947 to 1949.

Manager, Mexico and Caribbean, Dresser International, 1952-1973.
President, Mexico Section, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME,) 1963;
President, Technology Forecasting Committee, Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1971 & 1972. National Delphi survey of quantitative future of Mexican Chemical Industry, 1972.

Consultant USA, Mexico and Europe, 1975 1994. Technical Advisor to Director General, Mexico's National Commodities Agency (CONASUPO), 1976 -'79.

Principal Investigator, frontier physics research project: nucleation of water by electronic radiation, Secretaria de Recursos Hidraulicos (SARH) /Comision de Aguas del Valle de Mexico (CAVM,) 1977 '82.

Formed Uac-Kan Research Group, 1974. Over 200 archaeological field excursions, 1974 '99. Organized searches for precalculated sites, with 37 finds.

Publications: Ten technical papers on Teotihuacan and Mayans. Also see Bibliography (English & Spanish) under Item [2], APPENDIX 2 to Research Summary, that includes five books (English and Spanish), two technical papers (see Item [6] herein,) and several University lectures in 2000 and 2001. Also refer to joint paper with H.M.Calderon, "Clarifying the Mayan Zodiac" (see Bibliography.)

Actor: with Liv Ullman and Norma Aleandro as the University professor in Tri-Star Hollywood's: "Gaby, A True Story," 1986.

Other research:

Observational astronomy 1939 '41

Applied Optics (telescope) - 1940

Engineering Design 1948 '49.

Philosophy/Literature 1947 '49

Marketing Planning - 1952 '73

Parapsychology - 1967 '71

Archaeoastronomy 1987 '99